Why upgrade to a Canon R6?

The new Canon R series cameras have made quite a splash in the photography/videography world. The R5 can shoot 10 bit 4:2:2 8k video! What a monster. But I’ve gone for the smaller sibling, the R6, as my new camera of choice. Why? When was the last time you watched 8k video on your TV? When did you last watch 4k on your TV? Never. Some TV stations don’t even broadcast in High Definition in this country. Most people can watch HD in their tablet or phone, but it’s usually delivered in 720p, the smallest size HD available.

My new R6 can shoot 4k uncompressed 4:2:2 C log. What does that mean? 4k you’ve all heard of, crisp sharp images, 10bit means larger file sizes with better colour quality and C log is canon’s way of presenting that video in a way that can be colour graded easily after the shoot.

It’s a happy medium for me. The R6 is lighter than the R5 and will enable me to have greater lens choices when used with my new Weebill S Gimbal (more on that soon). I love the internal IBIS stabilisation that marries amazingly with my IS lenses.

While I’m still using my Canon 5D for stills shoots, the new R6’s video capabilities have made it the go to tool for video for me.